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Dr. Aubrey Daniels, author of "Bringing out the Best in People", "Other People's Habits" and the just released "Measure of a Leader", met Pete Johnson in early 2004. They developed a friendship that has led to a business relationship with his company Aubrey Daniels International (ADI). With the team of ADI president, Dr. Darnell Lattal, author of "Ethics at Work", Dr. Bill Abernathy, author of "The Sin of Wages" and "Managing without Supervising", ADI has a powerful collection of professionals in the performance management field. Goalmasters founder, Pete Johnson has joined their organization as Vice President of Business Development. For more information visit www.aubreydaniels.com     

In December 2002, Dr. Ted Prince, of the Perth Leadership Institute, met Pete Johnson during an MBA business plan competition where they served as judges. In December 2003 they met again at the same event and they learned of their mutual interest in Leadership development.  The Perth Leadership Outcome Model (PLOM) is a breakthrough in providing a tool to assess your leadership strengths and weaknesses and is unique in that it identifies your "Financial Signature" which may predict the valuation of any organization based upon the leader and his team's "financial signatures".  Ted's book has been published by McGraw Hill and is now available at www.amazon.com and other book retailers. To learn more visit www.perthleadership.org

One of the pioneers in online learning, Burr Warne, President of Mastery Learning Networks, had a vision to be the partner with a major University to deliver online courses for credit to his nationwide network of teachers.  Starting in the fall of 2002, working with Goalmasters, Inc. founder, Pete Johnson, Burr had an opportunity to meet some key players at the University of Florida (UF). In March 2004 the first online courses for credit in a partnership between the school of education at UF and Mastery Learning Networks. www.masterylearningnetwork.com   

  Long time leadership consultant, Ron Kirsch, of Ron Kirsch Consulting, had a vision to create a lasting legacy of his work in leadership development. For the past 25 years  companies such as General Electric, General Motors, Bayer, and others have employed Kirsch Consulting to bring state of the art methods for improving leadership skills to their leadership teams .  After meeting with Goalmasters founder Pete Johnson, together they embarked on a path to bring a Leadership Development Institute (LDI) to the University of Florida.  In January 2004, with the help of Dr James Knight, Dean of UF's Department of Continuing Education, that vision became reality.  www.UFLeadership.com




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Aubrey Daniels International www.aubreydaniels.com

Mastery Learning Network www.masterylearningnetwork.com

University of Florida School of Education Online  www.coe.ufl.edu/online/

Brand-Slam www.brandslam.net

Perth Leadership Institute www.perthleadership.org

FixMyGarage www.fixmygarage.com

Heart of Florida Mentoring Initiative

Perry Roofing www.perryroofing.com

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